Crypto Currencies Scams

ICOs – the evaluated risk

When it comes to ICOs, otherwise knows as Initial Coins Offerings, the idea is a derivative of what is known as Initial Public Offering (IPO), that is to say, when a company that wants to be listed on the stock market, makes an offer so the public invests. We can think of ICOs the way […]

What you need to know on crypto-currencies to avoid scams

Crypto-currencies are becoming increasingly popular and since the staggering rise of the Bitcoin, many investors rightfully wonder about the opportunities such an investment can represent. In an era of digitalisation, crypto-currencies attract attention and curiosity from both the average person with an interest in trading and scammers. So what do you need to know in […]

Crypto-currencies – new warnings on the rise

Following the Israel Securities Authority’s chairman, Shmuel Hauser’s speech on November 8, 2017,  during the Fintech conference, potential investors would now have reasons to worry about the rise of crypto-currencies, soon to replace the outlawed Binary Options in the exact same companies, where they once used to be a flourishing business, as you can see […]